Astrology | Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in mysterious, watery Scorpio on April 29th, 2018 - inspiring deep transformation as hidden truths, buried emotion + old wiring bubble up from our personal underworld. In true Scorpio fashion, we’re invited to peel back our layers, shed old skin + expose our truth. Our work is in letting go + surrendering. Allowing our truth to carry us through the unknown + onto our highest path.

This is a purge but also a rebirth, as we’re supported by an earthy, practical Sun in Taurus – who offers a solid ground to walk on as we move into our next chapter.

Look for signs + listen closely - the universe offers a stable brick road to follow. 

With Jupiter in Virgo, we’re asked to trust our body + its signals. Be resourceful + turn to what’s wholesome + purifying. With Mars in Sagittarius, our motivation aligns to what is moral + true. With Saturn in Sagittarius, we’re guided by synchronicity + faith in our path. And Pluto in Capricorn grounds us to what’s enduring, timeless + in harmony with nature.

This yin/yang energy offers emotional transformation, rooted in solid ground. There’s an element of discipline around the intense emotions of this moon + a karmic feeling to what is being unfolded for us.

As always, these energies are an offering + it’s up to us to listen + implement these gifts. Make time for self these coming days - move a little slower, get quiet + clear + allow the universe to speak to you.

With love + light,