Astrology | New Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini on Wednesday June 13th, 2018 is a Supermoon, meaning she’s closer to earth than usual with an increased energetic pull to match. Gemini is all about integration + communication – it’s both the bridge between our subconscious + conscious worlds (internal) + how we express ourselves in the world + creatively speak our truth (external). This energy comes to us at this sacred half way point in the year, where we’re urged to check in + notice how far we’ve come + consider what new things to journey towards.

Our thoughts are the lens through which we experience life + this Gemini energy encourages us to look closely at our inner landscape, so we may use it as a supportive tool to manifest our reality. Gemini’s airiness is helpful here, as it gives us the objective, unemotional clarity to dissociate from our thoughts + the space to feel our eternal stillness. The key is in getting quiet enough to realize we are not our thoughts, empowering us to choose which ones to listen to + which to release.

Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury – the nimble god who can easily travel from the heavens to the underworld, knowing all sides to every story. We’re internally supported by this agile energy + have an unusual connection to our intuition + inner truth under this moon. It’s wise to take advantage of this clarity - pinpoint your deep knowing, beyond thought, beyond fear + ego + make sure you're communicating to self + expressing into the world from this place of truth.

What stories do we keep telling ourselves? Which ones are true + supportive, which ones are fear based + blocking us from moving forward? This moon offers a deep healing + the opportunity to burn old thoughts, beliefs + patterns to the ground so we may rebuild ourselves in truth. Questions will be asked of + by you + lifelong perceptions will be broken. We are also asked to courageously speak our truth + trust our highest path will manifest if we communicate clearly, openly + bravely from the heart.

With love + light,