About Lily & Heavenly Bodies Astrology

While studying at London's Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design, Lily launched a collection of vintage-inspired dresses.  Her project evolved into a full lifestyle brand and in 2015, she opened a store in her hometown of Venice, California.

In 2018, a health crisis asked her to slow down. It was a challenging time, a relentless shedding of skin, but ultimately, a journey home to herself. For two years, she retreated into her studio and channeled a project she now calls Heavenly Bodies Astrology. It revealed itself through intuitive visions and Lily put pen to paper, illustrating a colorful world she could see. Unbeknownst to her, these fervent creations would eventually weave together into a cohesive body of work. Even more surprising, was the day she discovered the project as a kind of spiritual mirror, reflecting the truth of her soul. Most exciting, was the realization it could be used as a tool by anyone.

Lily’s time between worlds transformed the lens through which she sees life, opening her to our true energetic nature. Today, she is both student and teacher of her transcendent work, which explores the heavens through Earth and spirit through body.