Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I email with questions?

Reach out to  We're a tiny team & do our best to reply to all emails within 48 business hours.

Is the Heavenly Bodies Astrology Deck & Little Guidebook available for wholesale?

Yes! Please contact for wholesale inquiries.


What is your return policy?

Due to the delicate & often handmade nature of our offerings, we do not accept returns or exchanges on any orders placed through our website. 

Can you include a customized note with my order?

Because our inventory ships from a third party warehouse, we are not able to customize packaging & no, we cannot include personalized notes.  We do promise, however, each package is beautifully wrapped & fit for gift-giving.


I purchased a membership to Heavenly Doorways.  How do I access it?

If you already have a user account on our website: Login to your account (click the human-being icon on the top right of our homepage).  Providing you used the same email address to purchase your membership, “Members Only” will appear on the top left toolbar. Click here!

If you don’t have an existing user account on our website:  Create a user account (click the human-being icon on the top right of our homepage).  You must use the SAME email address used to purchase your membership.  Once you're logged in, “Members Only” will appear on the top left toolbar. Click here!

 How to cancel my Heavenly Doorways Membership?

You are free to cancel your membership at anytime.  Simply login to your (by clicking the human-being icon on the top right of our homepage). Next, click “Manage Subscriptions”, where you will see “Cancel”.


When will my order ship?

Generally, all orders ship from our Los Angeles warehouse within 2 business days.  Keep this in mind when selecting your shipping preference at checkout.  The estimated shipping ETA provided by your chosen carrier is the shipping time AFTER we have packed & shipped your order.  For example, if you select FedEx 2 day Air, allow 4 days to receive your order (because we need 2 days to pack & ship). Our tiny team says thank you for your patience & understanding. 

Where does my order ship from?

All orders ship from our Los Angeles warehouse.

What if I accidentally entered the wrong shipping address?

Please be mindful to enter the correct shipping address at the time of your order.  If you make a mistake, please email us immediately ( & we will do our best to cancel your order - we are not able to change your shipping address. 

Please note, all orders ship from a third party warehouse (separate from our customer service team) so, providing we receive your email BEFORE our shippers pack your order, we will cancel it & you may simply place a new one (using your correct, desired address). 

What if I accidentally entered the wrong shipping address & did not contact you before my order shipped?

We are not able to offer refunds on orders sent to the "wrong address" if it is the address you used when placing your order.

What if my order tracking says "delivered" but I didn't receive my package?

We aren't able to offer refunds on packages that show "delivered" but you didn't receive. Most often, they are left with a neighbor (ask your neighbors if your package is missing).  The worst case scenario, is that your package has been stolen off your doorstep - which is, sadly, not something we can take responsibility for. We recommend placing a sign outside of your home with directions on where packages can be safely left in the event you are not home. 

Why is shipping outside of the US so expensive?

At the time of your purchase, your shipping fees are quoted straight from your chosen carrier (we don't mark them up, we make no profit on shipping).  Over & above your shipping quote, you may also receive an additional "import duty" fee once your oder arrives in your country.  These additional fees are unpredictable & also out of our hands (we don't make money on these either - this is a government issued charge & they vary from country to country).

No matter where we are shipping, the only profit we make is on the actual product (not on any of the shipping expenses).

Will I need to pay additional "import duty" fees if I live outside of the US?

Each country has different & ever-changing import fees, making it impossible for us to predict what you may (or may not) be charged by customs when your package arrives in your country.  This is outside of our hands & unfortunately, not something we're able to advise or predict. Please be prepared to receive a separate import charge when placing an international order (on top of whatever you pay for shipping with us).  

If you have received a high import duty & would like to better understand the charge before paying, inquire with your shipping carrier (for example, if your order shipped via UPS, please contact UPS).  

Is there a cheaper alternative for shipping outside of the US?

Not through us, unfortunately. The shipping quotes shown to you through our website (plus any potential import fees once your order arrives) are the best we can do.  We do not make money from these international shipping expenses. We understand you may not want to deal with international shipping & welcome you to search online for more affordable options or check booksellers near you.