Lavender Soaking Salts

Regular salt baths, at least once a week, are recommended for optimal self-care. Mineral-rich salt crystals replenish vital nutrients, aid in the relief of tired muscles and joints, while lavender aromatherapy transcends the moment from a bath to a meditative experience.

To Use: Dissolve a handful of crystals in warm bath water and soak.  

For a truly divine bathing experience, we recommend using with the French Lavender Bar Soap 



European Spa Salt, Epsom salt, Lavandin Flowers, Organic Essential Oil of Lavender


About the Artisan

Mullein + Sparrow is a luxury, vegan beauty line crafted in small batches in Brooklyn. Pure + effective formulas are meant to nurture the body, mind + spirit as a pathway to inner + outer beauty. 


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