Indigo Dog Bed/Floor Pillow


  • Small measures 20" by 28" - $190.00
  • Medium measures 36" by 26" - $270.00 
  • Large measures 42" by 34" - $370.00


  • Made with dogs in mind but also makes a cool floor pillow.
  • Top fabric is vintage indigo + like any vintage garment, will fade with time/wear + tear.
  • The bottom is made of canvas. both top + bottom fabrics are double fused for durability.


  • Velcro pocket on the outside of inner pillow contains a lavender sachet, a natual bug repellent that is also calming for dogs.
  • Natural latex filling is hypoallergenic + provides joint support for your pup.
  • Latex is sourced in los angeles from the same factory that makes high end mattresses. 
  • Both cover and inner pillow have zippers so washing is easy, just remove cover, handwash or wash on delicate cycle + hang dry.
  • Pillows are designed + made in los angeles. 

Regular price $370.00

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