Zoom 1:1 Soul Remembrance Reading w/Lily

1:1 Soul Remembrance Reading w/Lily


Through exploring the astrology of your birth chart & working w/the Heavenly Bodies Astrology deck, Lily becomes an "archaeologist of the soul" & together, you will:

- Peel back layers of stories & reconnect w/your authentic truth & innate gifts so you can step into your highest expression & purpose.

- Create context around areas of struggle (where you feel blocked, lost or scared) & uncover the medicine woven into these challenges & your path to freedom.

- Identify the spiritual lessons you are currently moving through & the overall focus of your soul journey in this lifetime.

Your birth chart is a spiritual x-ray, revealing the highest potential for the evolution of your soul in this life. This reading is birth chart focused & supports you in clarity, life direction, self-acceptance & healing. You will walk away w/a deeper connection to who you are, why you're here & how to align with your highest life path.

While you'll explore your "heavenly doorways" - parts of your chart activated by current or future celestial happenings - this is not a "fortune-telling" reading. The future isn't fixed, it's shaped by how you show up for your karmic dance with the universe & exploring your unique dance is the focus of this reading.

*Upon booking, please reply to your order confirmation w/your exact birth date, time & location (city/state/country). This information is necessary to move forward w/the session.


- A single, 1:1 Soul Remembrance Reading w/Lily.

- 60 minutes in length.

- You must be able to provide your exact birth information (exact time, date & location).

- All readings are via Zoom Video.

1:1 Soul Remembrance Reading w/Lily