Zoom 1:1 Astrology Reading

1:1 Astrology Reading


Your birth chart reflects the potential of your evolution, it's a cosmic blueprint of who you can become & the highest potential of your life. So then the question becomes, how & when? What is the process of this journey & how can certain events support your unfolding? This isn't a "fortune telling session", but a conversation around the themes, gifts, challenges & purpose of your life through the lens of astrology, deepening your self-awareness, offering context for life's curveballs & empowering you to activate your highest potential. 

What’s included in the price:

- Lily’s study time with your chart (before our call)

- 1 hour video call with Lily (via Zoom) covering: your birth chart, current transits & a Tarot reading.

- Emailed recording of our call

When to book?

When you’re feeling lost, blocked, misaligned or in need of clarity & practical guidance around:

- Life purpose & direction

- Career

- Love & relationships

- Home & family

- Money & abundance

- Health

What is needed from you?

After booking, please email the following information to hello@lilyashwell.com.

- Birth date, location (city/state/country) & exact birth time.

- A brief description of why you want this reading now.

- 3 specific questions you would like to address.

*All info above is a necessary prerequisite for readings & must be emailed within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment. Please do not schedule a reading if you are unable to provide all of this information. Once your appointment is scheduled, readings are non-changeable & non-refundable.

1:1 Astrology Reading