Astrology | Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Friday, July 27, 2018 comes with a huge download of transformative energy. Airy Aquarius inspires detachment from the micro details of life + connects us to big ideas + ultimate truths. And with the Sun at home in Leo, our inner + outer worlds align in bold, heart centered energy.  These are fixed signs, about stepping outside of our comfort zone, being seen + creating space for vulnerability.
Our last lunar eclipse was in January - we were asked to release outdated definitions of self + bravely begin the path to a more authentic, heart centered life. Today’s Moon builds on that energy + over these past 6 months, we’ve been getting our sea legs. We may have jumped forward + tumbled backward, absorbed information + retracted. Even if the growth hasn’t been linear (nothing ever is), the energy has accumulated like a sling shot being pulled back - and this moon pushes us to the pressure point where it’s time to fly forward.
That being said, Mercury just went fully retrograde – but I see it as a supportive invitation to slow down + think about our message + how we want to express + share ourselves in truth. It’s an opportunity to integrate this big energy slowly + move forward mindfully.  
Uranus (truth, freedom + revolution) recently entered earthy Taurus - the Awakener is on solid ground. This Moon squares Uranus, meaning there’s tension + something needs to be looked at. Ask questions like: where have you been feeling afraid you’re not enough? Are you afraid to take that risk you’re drawn to, fearing you’ll lose it all?
This Moon is about truth, bravery + transformation…but it’s a ton of energy + those working deeply may feel overwhelmed. Additional pressures come from retrograde Mars (how we take action), which manifests as frustration at not being able to express. And with Mars right next to our fiery Leo Sun, the irritability may amplify. And with all these clogged energies right next to our Aquarius Moon, our emotional responses are triggered.  
When thinking about this cosmic dance, I keep returning to the image of a sling shot. The pressure is there + inspiration is heightened – we’re dancing between excitement + overwhelm. Go easy these coming days, soak it all in, retreat if you’re called to. Let this energy sink in + then fly forward, guided by truth, into new frontiers.
With love,