Astrology | Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon in Taurus on October 24, 2018 - brings grounded support for deep transformation. With the Sun + Venus conjunct in watery Scorpio – we’re pushed inward to recognize hidden truths, exposing our underbelly. We’re asked to look at our desires (Venus) + how they align with our self worth (Taurus). How do we behave when faced with something we really want?

We all have different tactics to keep our ego safe + get what we think we want – some may hide + shy away, with a “you can’t fail if you don’t try” mentality. Others may lean into control, pushing too hard toward their desires. These are two sides of the same coin + this Moon is here to illuminate any outdated patterns holding us back in the realm of Venus (love, desires, talents). This lunation is strong in the elements of Earth + Water – Water, inspiring us to lean into our receptive feminine power, trusting our intuition above all else. And even though Taurus is an Earth sign, it’s Venus ruled – so it’s grounded + feminine, about self worth + being open, knowing the abundance will rise to meet us. Taurus’ steady, trusting energy can be likened to Mother Nature’s cycles - an ever changing ebb + flow of death + rebirth, knowing the next season will come. Uranus, the great awakener - always radical + inspiring profound change – is also grounded in Taurus + conjunct the Moon. The dreamer is on Earth, poised to support us in beginning our next chapter.

This Moon sits at 1 degree Taurus, she’s only just entered the doorway from the previous sign + the energy she carries is all about closing a door + walking into a new room. Be wary of the strong Scorpio energy, it may be triggering, but trust anything that bubbles up is meant to guide us toward release, regeneration + renewal. 

With love,