Astrology | New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio on November 7, 2018 - the sign of death + rebirth inspires deep transformation as we float in her feminine waters. Scorpio is an exposing, x-ray like energy, pushing us deeper into the well, until no depth is left unexplored. It’s investigative + can be probing, as she looks for hidden secrets - the buried treasure that fuels our transformation. Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning it can be stubborn, defensive + sometimes relentless. The process isn’t always comfortable, but she reveals the underbelly, so we can be purged + renewed. The dark moon-less sky supports this deep Scorpionic work beautifully - a time to lean into the feminine, guided by intuition, open to what bubbles to the surface.

There’s a lot of water (emotion, intuition) surrounding this Moon. The Lunar nodal axis, the axis of fate, describes the long journey of the Moon (the placement only changes every 1.5 years) + yesterday, the North Node transitioned from a fiery, masculine (active, doing) path in Leo into the feminine waters of Cancer. This is a beautiful transition + today, Scorpio begins cleaning house so we can lean deeper into our nurturing, intuitive, patient powers for the long haul.

This Moon asks - how do we write ourselves into the stories of our lives? We’re asked to look at the stories we tell ourselves about our place within our home, family, community + world. Have we built a container for ourselves on a false premise + is it effecting how we move forward? She will shine a light on anywhere (or anyone) in your life who doesn’t feel nourishing, who doesn’t fill you up, but is there because it feels safe + habitual.

Venus is still retrograde, but has moved into airy Libra where she trines her star crossed lover Mars. With these fated planets both in air, communication is strong between love, values + femininity (Venus) + action + masculinity (Mars). Air gets things moving + clears the cobwebs + we’re supported in a healthy conversation about how to balance yin + yang…both personally + societally.

Pluto (the planet of transformation + natural home of Scorpio) is in Capricorn (structure) + is in supportive aspect to this moon – giving us focused energy to make the changes we need. And Neptune in Pisces brings a soft, compassionate, healing energy.

With love,