Astrology | Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon in Gemini on November 22/23, 2018 – the airy sign of Gemini brings a curious, investigative, energy as we shift gears + figure out what’s next. Gemini has a childlike wonder. The butterfly of the zodiac, intelligent + fast moving, floating around to gather bits of information + share ideas. With the Sun + Moon opposing each other at 0 degrees, they’ve only just entered the doorway of their new signs. Meaning there’s a purity + newness to this time and we likely feel a fresh chapter before us.

This sense of beginning is supported by the Sun in Sagittarius, the explorer, who views life as an adventure. Sagittarius is most at home on the journey, soaring over the practical details of day to day life + more interested in philosophy + the world of ideas. This larger than life force is made even larger, as the Sun sits right next to expansive Jupiter. This is huge, birds eye view energy + a perfect companion to Gemini’s curious mind. As this new chapter sits before us, we’re inspired to zoom out + explore our philosophies + spiritual beliefs – so we can eventually build the next part of our story in alignment with our higher truths. 

It’s important to note, there's a sensitivity that comes with such fresh potential. These big, inspired feelings are exciting, but also heated. Mars (action, aggression) is squaring the Sun + Moon – which can make us feel a bit impatient + trigger happy. Be mindful of impulsiveness, especially with Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury (communication) in retrograde. This isn’t a time for action + expression, but a time to remain open + imagine, to explore + percolate. To trust the journey will unfold as it should.

With love,

Lily xx