MUSE | Allie Buckley

Allie Buckley has been by the sea her whole life, even through her many moves. She’s spent her 24 years between Mendocino, New Zealand, Malibu and currently the city of angels. As a Pisces, being near water has always suited her. When she’s not making music, she’s pretty good to herself—spending time enjoying baths, garnering inspiration from paintings, creating altars from flowers and various other accoutrements, and watching the sun rise and set. She recently launched her music career with her lonesome pacific sound. You can give her a listen here and book tickets to see her on tour here.

Sun Sign: Pisces

Do you relate to your astrological chart?

Very much so, you could describe me solely as mutable and watery. I grew up with the ocean always in sight. I am happiest when I am in water!


Guilty pleasures?

Extremely romantic films that are set between the 17th and 19th century. My absolute favorite would be Pride and Prejudice, but I mean, any Jane Austen will do. And the runner up, not so much a romance film but rather a heart warmer, The Secret Garden.

We read that you did some moving growing up. What impact did that have on you?

I absolutely loved it! I thrive in constant change, especially of my surroundings. I think that it made me more adaptable to new places. When I travel, or when I move cities as an adult, I try to throw myself into each situation wholeheartedly. That is definitely something I learned from being on the move—not knowing when you’ll be hitting the road again! Also, never feeling stuck. That has been a big theme in my life, I do not fear change, so I rarely feel stuck in a situation that doesn't bring me joy!


New Zealand’s pretty cool (and far). What was that experience like?

Magic. My spare time consisted of collecting sea shells, swimming with penguins, chasing sheep. New Zealand is an enchanting place for a child. My imagination was deeply nourished by my surroundings and my majestic parents. And being that it is so safe, from a young age i was able to explore on my own. I value having had that sort of independence so early on.

What was your introduction to creating music?

I come from two deep music lovers. Mother has always valued the songwriting over all, like, Lucinda Williams, Willie Nelson… Father is a Deadhead and lover of prog rock, King Crimson, etc… He also deeply appreciated the craft of songwriting. So, naturally, I had a thirst to discover new music that resonated with the various chapters of my life. And somewhere along the way, something sparked within me and I felt the urge to create music of my own!


Tell us about a role model or mentor that influenced you.

Oh my gosh, I am so lucky to have had so many teachers… But more recently, I have been BLESSED with mentor, co-creator, and friend Mike Viola. We have been working together musically a little under a year. Total empath, and musical wizard. He truly brought my sound out of me.

Do you have an all-time favorite song or musician?

Oh GOD, I couldn't choose one, no way. But some favorite bands are Little Feat, the Kinks. And favorite songwriters Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams… Favorite albums are in constant rotation, and new favorites appear weekly.

Where do you write and what are your muses?

I write most lyrics on drives or at home. I am inspired by mythology, the loves throughout my life, paintings, spiritual teachings, wisdom from friends, the sea…

What do you do when no one is looking?

Go inward!

How do you want this world to be different because you lived in it?

My hope would be that I could leave this world more inspired. That feeling of complete wholeness, and kinship one can feel when looking at a painting, or hearing a piece of music that rings true. I hope to leave that for at least one person to find.