Astrology | Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon in Aries on September 24/25 2018 – looks at the law of attraction + manifestation through a new lens. It asks we consider ourselves as deliberate creators within our own lives, but within the context of a greater whole, not as independent entities. How letting go of what we think we need, in order to get what we think we want, allows the living, breathing organism we’re all a part of to support us in manifesting what we truly need.

Aries, the initiating fire, is all about being the leader of our own life. Aries energy hears the call + quickly spearheads the journey to get there. Its element is fire + anatomical correspondence, the head – it’s highly productive, fresh + exciting, but this autonomous, head-strong energy can make us feel isolated, or even sick, if it’s not balanced + reminded to ground + acknowledge ourselves as part of a greater whole. The sweet spot is in being focused + driven, while surrendering + allowing grace into our lives.

This is where our Libra Sun comes into play as the counterpart of this self/relationship axis. Libra introduces a context to experience self within, as we consider ourselves in relationship to our surroundings. This conversation between our Sun + Moon is further expanded by a cardinal-heavy T square with our newly direct Saturn in Capricorn. Cardinal energy is initiating + all about new beginnings – so we have Aries’ fire (drive), Libra’s air (consideration) + Capricorn’s earth (physical reality) all challenging each other (and us) about how we can best grow into something new + bigger. Pioneering Aries says "I see it + know what I need to get there", Libra "how can I make these changes given my current situation" + Capricorn "these are the realistic steps ". If we surrender into the wisdom each opposing force has to offer, we transmute the overwhelm + expand our vibrational field. This is how we become more magnetic + draw our highest path towards us.

Lastly, Chiron, the wounded healer, is almost conjunct this Moon. Meaning our shadows + deepest sensitivities may bubble up – not to cause pain, but to make themselves known + available for release. What you don’t own, owns you + we’re being challenged to move forward in ways we’ve never been able to until now.