Astrology | Full Moon in Libra

Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Libra (our last Blue Moon til 2020) seeks balance in opposition to the Aries Sun – asking us to consider the self (Aries) + our projection in the world + the adjustments we make in facing + relating to others (Libra). The raw essence of Aries is the primitive ego + unguarded self-expression, while Libra is the considerate diplomat. Aries is focused + true to self, while Libra's innate consideration is naturally indecisive + sometimes inauthentic.  In truth, neither sign is less concerned with self, but they make themselves heard in opposite ways. This polarity highlights partnerships of all kinds + how we define identity - in isolation versus wanting reinforcement from another. The general themes of this axis are those of creating versus refining, leading versus following + having one’s way versus compromising.  Of course finding a harmonious balance of both an Aries + Libra’s approach to self is our most peaceful, productive ideal + this Full Moon is here in support of this venture.

There are many hard aspects to this lunation – with a difficult Saturn placement, the Blue Moon may feel truly blue. And with Mercury’s retrograde positioning, it will likely be hard to understand our feelings + even harder to share them. This is a time to slow down + be kind with ourselves. Meditation is always helpful to quiet the mind + gentle walks + journaling for reflection + insight.

Despite its challenges, this Moon is placed in the cosmic region, known in Vedic Astrology, as Hasta Nakshatra – symbolized by a hand, granting the power to manifest our vision. This region of sky is ruled by Savitur, the golden-handed God – and all creative handicrafts (cooking, drawing, sculpting) + healing practices (like Reiki) are empowered by the light of this Full Moon.

And in truth, we are all the artists + healers of our own lives + are invited to alchemize this challenging path through simply allowing our feelings to bubble up, without judgment or resistance + identify what we choose to keep + release.  The rewards will be transformative + sets us on our most elevated path for the beginning of the astrological New Year.

With love + light, 

Lily xo