Astrology | Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces on August 26/27 2018 comes as a harmonious beacon of light after the haphazard ride of eclipse season. We’ve been relentlessly pushed into the unknown + all the messy moments that come with shedding old skin. Perhaps painful realizations, difficult decisions, feelings of disorientation + challenging releases have been a part of your last few months. We’ve been pressed up against our fears + forced to lean into our faith, while walking toward the unknown.

This beautiful Full Moon comes as a well-earned breath of fresh air, as we reflect back on all we’ve been through + the work we’ve done. The lessons learned + changes made have come together as a bridge, a gateway, into our higher path. Let’s step back + reflect on our journey + see how the Universe offered tough love + pushed us to accelerate growth. It was a roadmap to feeling the truth inside the depths of our hearts.

Pisces is the highest octave of the water signs - it’s where emotion becomes intuition. It’s a soul knowing, longing for your deepest truth + purpose. As we glance at our new horizon, we may feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable. But this beautiful Full Moon offers huge support, illuminating the path + inviting us to lean into the intuitive clarity of Pisces. We don’t need all the answers logically squared away – simply connect to your inner truth + knowing, which is at an all time high.

Your inner-planner can rest easy, knowing this Moon forms the backbone of a kite (inside a grounded grand Earth trine). Meaning, we have big planets like the Sun (purpose) Saturn (structure) + Mars (action) in strong aspect to the Moon + positioned to support the physical manifestation the Moon’s intuitive work. When looking at this chart, these aspects truly form the shape of a kite, so beautiful, with the Moon at the tip. It’s as if all the planets are conspiring to support the Moon’s work, to support us in lifting off + flying deeper into our truth. It’s the most hopeful, loving + supportive chart I have seen all year.

With my love + light,