Astrology | Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moons are usually release points, but under tomorrows Full Moon in earthy Virgo we are extremely guided - as though her radiant energy shifts us in the direction we need to be heading.

Cosmically speaking, our emotional currents have been strong – with the recent eclipses + now, with six planets in watery Pisces. We also have a lack of planets in air signs, making it difficult to think. This months Virgo Moon is our gracious anchor – inspiring grounded order amongst our abstract intuition. She offers wisdom + guidance on where to focus our attention in the midst of this watery landscape. Simply setting the intention to be guided + surrendering to the magnificent moon can help us tune in to the wisdom on offer.

Virgo is the healer within + her medicine is love in service. This Moon is strongly linked to the realms of health + healing, as Virgo rules over the digestive system + the integration of ideas. What ideas or new life changes do you need to digest? What energy are you absorbing + is it nourishing? What are you are filling your life with + is it serving you? These questions can be asked on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

This is a time to tune into both your intuitive + practical sides, while nourishing your mind, body + spirit. Journaling + meditation are especially helpful in tuning into this energy + will help us receive the guidance on offer.

With love + light,

Lily xo