Astrology | New Moon in Leo

New Moon/Solar eclipse in Leo on Saturday, August 11th 2018 culminates this very potent eclipse season. With so much energy leading up to this lunation, it may have felt apocalyptic at times + brought the weighted nostalgia that rises as you pass the point of no return.  While feeling simultaneously exciting, reinvigorating + perhaps overwhelming.

The New Moon’s darkness is a clear time to sit with self - to consider what we want + how to take that first step. With the solar eclipse, the Sun’s light is also blocked, bringing an even more powerful darkness + opportunity to refresh. What’s coming with us + what’s being left behind? 

With the Moon in heart centered Leo, we focus on heart chakra energy + the vulnerability that comes with being childlike + playful. We’re asked to show up without the stories, baggage + restrictive survival skills we’ve amassed over the years. We all create personal mythologies - ways we conceptualize time + space + identity. These stories are useful to learn from the past, but can also hold us captive. There’s a fine line between taking care of self + isolating. In the darkness of this Moon, examine parts of your personal mythology that feel expansive vs restrictive. 

With Jupiter in Scorpio, we are literally expanding our ability to transform. That being said, we still have some big planets retrograde - like Mercury (communication) + Mars (action). And with Jupiter square Mercury, we may feel an impatient, confused pressure around not being able to communicate our big ideas. It’s important to see these congested energies as opportunities to move slowly + mindfully. Focus on where you are + relish in the little things – how much have you grown already this year? Be present with those around you + practice perceiving through virgin senses, not filtered through your personal storyline. See + hear, deeply, what is before you today. 

This is the darkness before the dawn. Our work is cut out for us, but with Leo in the mix, it can be playful + joyful. Don’t be afraid to get messy + share your process with trusted friends + loved ones. Whether you journey through this alone or with those you trust, hold space for creativity + playfulness as you work toward a lighter, freer, more heart centered chapter in your story.

With my love + light,