Astrology | New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra on October 8/9 2018 - works closely with our retrograde Venus in Scorpio, asking us to consider self worth, how we give + receive love + where we may feel blocked in abundance + love. Both Libra + Venus energy focuses on the relationship principle + how we experience self through the mirror of another. Notice how you operate in relationship (platonic, familial, romantic) + consider what is being reflected back. Are you nourished + lifted or depleted + disempowered? The New Moon is when we cocoon in quiet reflection + with the addition of a strong retrograde, this is a time to journey inward + pinpoint old patterning no longer serving us in the realm of Venus.

There’s a fated energy around this Moon, with strong aspects almost identical to the Leo Full Moon on January 31. Feelings, situations + people may resurface. In some cases, they’ve stood the test of time + are meant to travel with us on our journey but other times, they resurface so we can let them go. The trick is to stay out of the intellectual mind + let intuition guide us as to which is which. With Libran energy, we’re tempted to weigh things out + create linear clarity – but the watery, intuitive energy of this Moon wants us to lean into our deepest knowing + trust in wordless wisdom.

Neptune (fantasy) in Pisces (mirrors + projection) is in strong aspect, adding an extra dreamy + intuitive layer. Be mindful of how this plays out in your relationships, it can be confusing as the walls of reality dissolve, but going inward, it’s a beautiful, creative energy. Lean into it + let the imagination wander + explore who you are becoming. Venus retrograde is here to help us birth a new way of connecting to our body + how we love + all this mirrored, timeless, karmic energy asks we connect to the mystery of the unfolding. Pluto in Capricorn is squaring this Moon, tempting us to control things + force the transformation. But this deep work wants just the opposite – allow the floodgates to open, embrace the mystery + enjoy the ride. Give yourself time to float + feel through who you want to become.

With love,