Astrology | New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo on Sunday September 9th – builds on our recent Piscean Full Moon by offering a supportive structure to ground our dreams in reality. The New Moon always brings space + clarity, it draws us inward + illuminates our intentions. Met with the power of Virgo energy - wise, efficient, organized – we’re poised + focused to get the good work done.

We have the Moon + Sun grounded in Virgo, opposing Neptune (fantasy) in Pisces (dreams). Oppositions are traditionally seen as difficult, but they’re really just opportunities to combine the opposing energies. Synthesizing Earthy, realistic Virgo with dreamy Pisces means we have cosmic support making our dreams come true!

Virgo is ruled by Mercury (communication) + this messenger energy in Earthy Virgo is all about how we integrate our thoughts with our physical reality. Virgo has a beautiful mind – detail oriented, extremely good at assessing + analyzing, organized + clear. But the Virgo shadow is about falling into judgment + being overly critical, often times of self.  Be mindful of this tendency + allow yourself to daydream. Drink up that Piscean, Neptunian fantasy. With all this Virgo structure, we won’t fall into the pitfalls of illusion. Allow yourself a fantasy - it primes your vibrational field to be in that flow, so Virgo knows what to work towards.

Jupiter (expansion) is still in Scorpio (transformation) + in a supportive aspect to this New Moon. Go easy on yourself + let Virgo come as a friend, not a critic, and allow yourself to shed old skin, heal, expand + renew. And Pluto (the great renewer) in Capricorn (persistence) is in supportive aspect to this New Moon, as is Uranus (the revolutionary) in Saturn (responsibility).

I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes from 15th century artist Michelangelo, “I saw the angel in the marble + I carved until I set him free”. Let your imagination wander, with so much productive support on offer our dreams are ready to manifest.

With love,