Q + A with Lily | Lily Ashwell x PB Teen

Lily recently collaborated with Pottery Barn Teen on creating a living space for a teenage girl.  The collection includes bedding, lounge furniture, textiles, original art by Lily + home accents. Inspired by her laid-back Venice Beach lifestyle, the latest collection balances nostalgic charm with minimalist cool. Available now at PB Teen


Notes from Lily On:



“The main focus in my work is to make everyday life more soulful + beautiful.  I design wardrobe classics that are timeless + diverse daily “go-to’s” – elevated by thoughtful details (like perfect fits, colors, feel + trims). 

I always envision an all encompassing lifestyle around the clothes I make + before releasing a new product into the world, I have long considered how this piece may fit into someone’s daily life. Creating a living space was a fun way to bring this daydream to life + the collection I created is the world I envision my clothes living in. This collaboration was an organic extension of my process + I approached it with my tried + true design ethos.”



“I think the teenagers of 2018 are a sophisticated bunch, probably in part because of exposure to social media.  Traditionally, teen design offerings are much more playful + childlike - but I wanted this collection to meet the requirements of the “new teen.”  They have access to as much inspiration + information as any adult, but are likely even more experimental + courageous with their creativity. Teens are a force to be reckoned with + I wanted to treat them with this respect. This collection is very sophisticated and could absolutely live in any young adult’s home. So, while I designed it with a teenage girl in mind, I’m 30 and everything would work in my home...or in the homes of most my friends!”



“My clothing line has a modern vintage-inspired feel - clean classics with nostalgic details.  I also like to play with masculine/feminine energy – tomboy work wear (like my indigo overalls) are the base of the collection + I layer in sweet, feminine accents (like ballet wrap tops). I was inspired to bring this same energy into the home category.

I turned to vintage inspiration pieces for prints, colors, washes + details. And made sure to balance out the relaxed, California-cool tomboy vibes with sweet vintage dustbowl-era feels.”

“My love of Mother Nature also inspired our palette + I looked to the light + airy feel of costal living for our “cool room” + the colors + textures of the Californian desert for our “warm room”.”


“Painting and drawing is a big part of my life. I get into my creative flow by taking time to explore colors, textures and shapes in my sketchbook before I think about design.  In a way, my design process begins in my abstract, mixed media sketchbooks where I establish a general feeling + eventually distill that energy into a product.

PB Teen was inspired by this process so we decided to create some large textural and colorful pieces from spreads in my sketchbook. It’s a cool way to bring some bold creativity into the collection.” 



“Astrology is my greatest love, I’m a forever student of the moons and stars. Learning about the energy of the planets + the effect their cosmic dance has on earthly life is hugely beneficial to my own evolution. I’m very energetically + aesthetically sensitive, so astrology is perfect for me – the beautiful imagery of the cosmos is made even more lovely by the energies they represent. I feel very connected to it. I used a lot of astrology references throughout the collection. The celestial embroidery on some of the pillows, the ceramics and the wall art…you’ll notice these hints.”



“I really enjoyed working in the teen category.  In my parent’s house, my bedroom was always a sacred place for me and it played an important role in establishing my personal creativity.  I remember how important my private space was during that time in my life. In a way, it’s where my career as a creative person began. I love thinking about these designs inspiring young girls to explore and express themselves in their own sanctuaries!”